Fast Braces vs Traditional Braces: Pros & Cons

The treatment time for braces can vary from patient to patient depending on the severity of their case and what issues are being corrected. In general, most of our patients see their treatment fall within the 18 months to 3 years range. Within this time frame, Dr. Park is able to correct a number of issues ranging from straightening your teeth to correcting jaw and bite issues to ensure our patients have healthy mouths and are smiling with confidence at the end of their treatment.

Although having full and complete treatment duration is what Dr. Park always recommends, over the years we have found that not all of our patients care as much about their bite as they do with simply straightening their teeth. This has led some patients to not choose any orthodontic treatment at all, or opt to get their braces off early against Dr. Park’s advice. Getting braces off early can derail facets of Dr. Park’s treatment plans and negate some of the goals he has for your smile.

We want to give our patients options when it comes to their treatment to help bridge the gap between a regular braces treatment or nothing at all, so we have two different options for braces treatment length. Our patients can choose between fast braces and traditional braces, with the biggest difference between the two being the treatment time. Fast braces is contained within a 12 month window, whereas traditional braces takes as much time as needed to fully correct your smile. Fast braces are also more affordable due to requiring fewer appointments and overall treatment from Dr. Park.

Fast Braces

Our fast braces treatment length option lasts 12 months regardless of the severity of your case. We’ve created this option for patients who are most concerned with straightening their teeth, which is the easiest goal to achieve within this time frame. When choosing this option, our patients select from traditional metal bracesDamon bracesDamon Clear braces or Invisalign to have their treatment plan molded around.

Dr. Park and his team will do their best to fix everything they can within the 12 months that you have your braces. As mentioned before, bite issues are more likely to go unresolved with this option since they usually require a longer treatment window. This makes fast braces a great option for those who want an efficient and effective orthodontic treatment that will improve their smiles in a shorter amount of time and with a more affordable price tag.


With this treatment length option, you don’t have to worry about getting a reduced quality of care. Our fast braces option involves the same level of attention when crafting your treatment plan, but just stops after 12 months. We hope that by introducing this braces treatment length option to our patients that they’ll feel confident in whatever they choose for their orthodontic solution.

Although most patients can achieve dramatic results from fast braces, Dr. Park will also let you know if he thinks your smile and bite issues are potentially a poor fit during your free consultation.  This ensures you have proper expectations and can make an informed decision on the kind of treatment you choose.

Traditional Braces

Our traditional braces option is focused on correcting everything we can, regardless of time frame, to ensure your smile is the best it can be. Whether your specific treatment lasts 18 months or 3 years, we will ensure that all aspects of your smile are perfected, and extend treatment at no charge if necessary to obtain desired results. This treatment length option goes beyond just straightening your teeth⁠—we look at your bite, teeth alignment, palate spacing, and any other specific issues you want to correct or that we recommend addressing.

This is the choice Dr. Park will always recommend for his patients as it ensures that all aspects of your smile and oral health is the best that it can be. If your case is particularly complex, you might not be a good candidate for fast braces since you might require a longer treatment time to obtain satisfactory results. Scheduling a free consultation will help us recommend what course of action would be appropriate for you and your goals.

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