The OoLi Difference


At OoLi, we strive to exhibit tremendous empathy and compassion for our patients. Our team treats each individual with the care and respect they deserve, and know all of our patients personally, by name – just to start. We understand that each person is different, just like each smile is different, and getting to know each patient allows us to make orthodontics as fun and comfortable as possible!

Dr. Park ensures that every patient receives the necessary attention to detail, education about their different options, and customizes each treatment plan so your orthodontic experience is both effective and enjoyable. The entire OoLi Team wants you to love both your smile and how you got it, whether you choose braces, Invisalign, or any other form of orthodontic treatment. In 2022, 2021 & 2018, our hard work paid off, and OoLi Orthodontics was voted one of the best orthodontic practice in Phoenix, Tempe & the Valley!

The Famous OoLi Team

  • Airlin
  • Ana
  • Cindy Office Manager & Financial Advisor
  • Katelyn
  • Martha Clinic Manager & Lead Clinical Assistant

With over 50 years of combined orthodontic experience, our OoLi Team is both highly-trained and very experienced. We stay humble, however, and go to great efforts to stay current with the latest in technology and orthodontic procedures. We regularly attend continuing education courses, conferences and seminars. As a result, we remain sharp, confident and attentive to detail.

Our OoLi Team is 100% committed to giving you the beautiful smile that you and everyone you know will love. Our goal is to achieve the optimal result for our patients while keeping treatment time as short and reasonable as possible. After all, we make braces fun, but the end goal is a confident, unimpeded smile – without braces!


Perhaps most important of all though, the OoLi Team strives to deliver excellent care to each patient in an energetic and fun-loving environment. We always put our patients’ needs first, in order to achieve the most efficient and successful treatment – while also ensuring we have fun!

Ready to experience the charm and skill of the OoLi Team?

About OoLi Orthodontics


OoLi Orthodontics was established in 2001 in Elkins Park, Pennsylvania, which is a suburban town just outside of Philadelphia. Dr. W.W. Jonathan Park moved to Arizona and opened two additional OoLi Orthodontics locations in Phoenix and Tempe, in 2005. Dr. Park recently closed his Elkins Park, PA office so he could doubled-down and focus on his Phoenix practices. OoLi Orthodontics has steadily grown and both valley locations have recently moved into newer, more modern offices, where Dr. Park and the OoLi Team can be more effective – and have more fun!

OoLi Orthodontics will continue to focus on the growth of our practices, bringing smiles to more patients and their families. However, we also strive not to lose the individual attention provided to all of our patients. In addition, we will continue to be a contributing member of our communities, particularly in giving back to local schools.

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