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At OoLi Orthodontics, we provide braces for all ages in Phoenix, Tempe and surrounding areas. Dr. W.W. Jonathan Park and the OoLi Team strive to make braces a rewarding experience for our patients. Come visit us at OoLi Orthodontics and see how you too can smile with confidence!

About OoLi Orthodontics

OoLi Orthodontics creates exceptional smiles for our patients so that they can smile with confidence.

Dr. W.W. Jonathan Park & our OoLi Team have tremendous empathy and compassion for our patients, treating each individual with the care and respect they deserve. Every smile is different, and Dr Park ensures that each smile receives the necessary attention to detail for an outcome worth smiling about.

Meet Dr. Park

Dr. W. W. Jonathan Park loves being an orthodontist! He enjoys all aspects of orthodontics, particularly seeing the beautiful smiles on his patients.


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