Affordable Braces and Invisalign

At OoLi Orthodontics, we provide braces and Invisalign in Phoenix, Tempe and the surrounding cities, to patients of all ages. Dr. W.W. Jonathan Park and the OoLi Team strive to make getting braces and Invisalign fun and rewarding experiences, while also making orthodontics affordable. Come visit us at OoLi and see how you too can smile with confidence!

About OoLi Orthodontics

At OoLi Orthodontics, we create exceptional smiles and fun orthodontic experiences for our patients by going the extra mile in every facet possible. The OoLi staff is caring and helpful, our offices are vibrant and convenient, our treatment options are affordable and flexible, and – most importantly – Dr. W. W. Jonathan Park is knowledgeable and approachable.

We have tremendous empathy and compassion for our patients, and treat each individual with the care and respect they deserve, and know all of our patients by name. We understand that ever person is different, just like every smile is different. Dr. Park ensures that every patient receives the necessary attention to detail and customizes each treatment plan so your orthodontic experience is both effective and enjoyable. We want you to love both your smile and how you got it, whether you use braces, Invisalign, or any other form of orthodontic treatment.

Meet Dr. Park

Orthodontist Dr. W. W. Jonathan Park enjoys helping patients obtain beautiful smiles through braces and Invisalign. He finds seeing his patients’ smiles transform through his affordable orthodontic treatments and witnessing their satisfaction upon completing treatment highly rewarding. In short, he loves being an orthodontist!


Get a Free Consultation for Braces or Invisalign


Every need for braces or Invisalign is as unique as the person seeking them. We offer free consultations to understand your concerns and desires. During your free consultation, we will gather diagnostic information, do a quick examination, and then Dr. Park explains his analysis and brings up any concerns he finds. From there, he recommends treatment options, and then he formulates a plan based on your needs and preferences. We also go over financing options, for flexibility affording braces or Invisalign.

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  • Dr. Park knows what he is doing, actually cares about his patients, is easy going, flexible, and does incredible work. The staff is always dressed professional, the office is always clean smells good, they remember your name, are available almost anytime you need them, and they have two locations they go back and forth from. If you are spending thousands of dollars on your smile you want to be reassured that you won't regret your choice. I would and will refer them to anyone. Thanks Ooli for making life in braces easier than I expected!

  • This place is so perfect... my appointments were always on time and quick. Dr. Park is great in what he does. He was always informative in the process and recommendations. My teeth are so perfect I can not stop smiling. I would give this place 10 stars.

  • I've had nothing but great experiences with Dr. Park and the assistants in the office. Everyone is friendly, accommodating. The customer service is personable and they all care about you. My teeth look awesome and I'm glad I came here! I schedule my appointments, show up early and they get me in and out. No issues with billing and Dr. Park gives as many discounts as he can as he knows braces aren't cheap for most people. They are also very flexible with your payment arrangement.

  • I saw Dr. Park and his staff for close to four years. I could not have asked for a better experience! They are welcoming, polite, professional, and most of all friendly! They do superb work, my teeth look great and my smile has improved dramatically! I highly recommend OoLi to all. I saw Dr. Park as an adult patient so I am definitely qualified to give a honest and fair review. If you are in need of braces, by far the best decision would be to go see Dr. Park and his staff.

  • The care team at OoLi Orthodontics is amazing. Both of my children obtained treatment by Dr. Park at the Phoenix office and the experience was wonderful and their smiles are amazing. Thank you to all the staff for such a great job!

  • I had a great experience with Ooli Orthodontics. Dr. Park is very nice and genuinely cares about his patients. He is the only orthodontist I checked out who didn't recommend pulling tons of teeth. He even helped me get my braces off before my senior prom. I had many issues before braces, I couldn't even chew food right. Now, not only do I love my smile, but I can finally eat 100% normally. I would highly recommend Dr. Park and Ooli to anyone!