Damon braces are one of the newest kinds of braces on the market. Choosing this kind of braces for your orthodontic treatment can help move your teeth quicker, more comfortably, and less noticeably than other kinds of braces due to their revolutionary hardware and treatment process. They have a host of additional benefits, and may be the best choice, depending on your situation. They are even offered in both traditional metal and clear variants. To find out if  Damon braces are a good fit for you, schedule a free consultation with Dr. Park – or read on for more information.

The Damon System: Traditional Metal Braces with a Twist

Damon braces use self-ligating appliances that are applied to the teeth the same way as traditional metal braces. This self-ligating method is called the slide mechanism, which holds the wire without the need to use elastic ties that come with traditional metal braces. The self-ligating nature of the slide mechanism eliminates some common friction and discomfort that can come with other kinds of braces. The brackets work this way due to a special component built into them that closes around the wire to ensure it’s secure and tight enough to straighten your teeth.


This self-ligating approach also doesn’t require “tightening” of the braces, allowing the hardware to guide your teeth into position, instead of using active force. This helps to speed up treatment time and increase the comfortableness of the treatment overall.

Damon braces use three key components that help differentiate this kind of treatment and create faster results with fewer appointments and less discomfort. One is the slide mechanism, mentioned above, that’s combined with lighter, shape-memory titanium wires, and Damon braces’ specific treatment. Combining these three components together will straighten your teeth faster and will almost always eliminate the need of tooth extraction, headgear, and palate expanders, except in the most severe cases.

The Benefits of the Damon System for Braces

When you choose Damon braces, you’re choosing a number of benefits along with it. One of the biggest benefits is the Damon braces system can significantly reduce treatment time. Discovered in a comparative study, Damon patients experienced treatment times reduced by as much as half a year than patients who had traditional metal braces. These same Damon braces patients also had fewer appointments than their traditional braces counterparts. This, again, goes back to the revolutionary hardware Damon system braces deploy.

In some cases with traditional metal braces, extraction or palatial expansion can be required in order to achieve the best results possible, given the treatment method. The Damon system often allows for the same or better results without either extraction or palatial expansion. This results in a fuller and wider smile, and an overall better result, where applicable. The Damon braces system can also help avoid the need for headgear.

The hardware that comes with Damon braces is also generally more comfortable than other kinds of braces. Since this kind of treatment guides the teeth into position, there isn’t as much force pushing and pulling your teeth to straighten them. The elimination of elastics also can help reduce the bulkiness of hardware in your mouth and lessen the irritation on your gums.


The Damon System braces hardware is usually less noticeable than traditional metal braces. The brackets that are used with a Damon braces system are smaller and less noticeable than the brackets that come with traditional metal braces. There’s also no need for elastic ties with Damon braces, which helps to reduce the overall visibility of the braces due to the usual colorful elastics chosen and the volume they can add to the braces. Damon braces are available in clear/tooth-colored brackets as well, just like traditional braces.

Damon braces can also prove more hygienic than other options for braces. Bacteria and plaque can build up on the larger appliances and elastics of traditional braces, which can end up staining the teeth if not taken care of with a proper hygiene routine. Certain foods and drink can also discolor the elastics of traditional metal braces, depending on their original color, which some patients find unattractive. The Damon braces system, not having elastics, is excluded from these risks.

In summary, Damon braces allow Dr. Park to:

  • Use lighter forces to move your teeth
  • Provide faster, shorter treatment times
  • Eliminate unnecessary tooth extractions
  • Create wider, fuller smiles
  • Reduce the need for headgear
  • Create incredible results
  • Offer metal or clear bracket options

To find out more about the Damon System and how Damon braces can help you smile with confidence, call the OoLi Orthodontics office near you and schedule your FREE orthodontic exam and consultation today.

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