When it comes to your dream smile, you probably have an image in mind of how you’d like it to look. Whether it’s closing some gaps or working on straightening your teeth, there are many ways we can create confident smiles at OoLi Orthodontics. While achieving your dream smile is exciting, what isn’t so exciting to many of our patients is the process to get there—the orthodontic treatment itself.

That’s why we’re excited to introduce our newest offering to our patients: Express Braces. With this treatment, most of our patients can experience a fast, effective, and quality orthodontic treatment in just one year! Whether you want traditional metal braces, clear ceramic braces, Invisalign, or Damon braces, we can create a Express Braces treatment for any kind of application.

Before and After Express Treatment Phoenix Orthondonist

The Difference Between Regular Braces and Express Braces

Regular braces aim to fix everything about your teeth and bite, but can take years and can cost $6,500 or more depending on severity of the case. We’ve found that for some of our patients who aren’t as worried about more advanced issues, like bite correction, just want straight teeth. The main difference between regular braces and Express Braces is the treatment time involved and what all can be fixed in the given time frame.

Express Braces are what they sound like: an efficient and effective orthodontic treatment alternative to regular braces. No matter what your goals, we give our Express Braces patients the same level of care and quality to achieve as much as we can within a year. One of the areas that might not get addressed within this year time frame are bite issues. At OoLi Orthodontics, we will always strive to create the best smile for our patients and will do our best to correct any bite issues within the year time limit of Express Braces.

If your bite has severe issues, Dr. Park will recommend our regular braces to ensure we have enough time to correct the bite. While we see regular braces as the best choice, we understand that not all of our patients agree and would rather have a faster choice. Of course, the decision is ultimately up to you, but we believe in educating our patients to give them the necessary knowledge to make confident orthodontic decisions.

Same Quality of Treatment, Shorter Treatment Period

With Express Braces, you won’t have to worry about getting a reduced quality in your treatment or in the hardware we use. We still take all the necessary time and skill understanding what goals you want to achieve and creating your specific treatment plan, but just have a year timeline to complete our patient’s  dream smile.

We will do everything we can within this year to perfect different aspects of your smile, starting with what you most want to fix. This gives our patients the same quality and care that comes with regular braces, but with more choice involved for their treatment, time, and price. We hope this gives our patients who might not like the idea of regular braces the opportunity to choose an orthodontic route that can help them smile with confidence.

Braces Treatment Patient Phoenix Orthodontist

We know that having orthodontic hardware on your teeth isn’t ideal, and that this is a major factor going into many patients’ decisions to have orthodontic work done. We’ve had patients who opted to have their braces taken off early, against Dr. Park’s advice, which counteracted some of the goals we had and still came with the full price tag of the regular braces treatment. By introducing our Express Braces, we hope to eliminate these kinds of scenarios by giving our patients options and the choice to choose what’s best for them to achieve their dream smile regardless of their specific circumstances.

Express Braces: The Choice is Yours

At OoLi Orthodontics, we work hard to give our patients all the necessary information and education about their orthodontic treatment so they are well-equipped to make informed decisions about their smiles. Some of our patients opt to go with the less intensive treatment that Express Braces offer to meet the specific goals they have in mind for their smile. Our Express Braces program is meant to cater to these patients who want a faster treatment at a lower cost, and without sacrificing smile quality.

If you’re unsure which braces treatment would work best for you, we encourage you to book a free consultation. During our consultation, we take the time to review our patient’s goals, orthodontic history, and any concerns they have. We can assess whether braces is an option for your teeth and start your journey to smiling with confidence!

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