Why Refer Your Patients to OoLi Orthodontics?

Thank you Phoenix Biological Dentistry for setting up this Lunch & Learn. I know your time is valuable and you are busy. So, thank you for inviting me and Martha to share our story.

We are passionate about our patient!

  • Finding each patient’s very best smile.
  • Treating all patients with care and compassion.
  • Honoring each patient’s concerns. 
  • Honoring each patient’s time
  • Always in communication with patients and their family dentist.
  • Making braces easier.
  • Sharing all that we do with patients with transparency

Meet the OoLi Team

OoLi Team is made up of orthodontic super stars and has a combined orthodontic experience of over 50 years.

  • Dr Park
    • 23 years in practice
    • Board certified by ABO
    • Phoenix Magazine’s Top Dentist/Orthodontist for past 3 years and 2018
  • Martha
    • Lead clinical assistant wearing multiple hats
    • 13 years at OoLi Orthodontics and many more in dentistry
  • Cindy
    • Office manager also wearing multiple hats
    • 16 years at OoLi Orthodontics
  • Ana
    • Treatment coordinator along with many other hats
    • 3 years at OoLi Orthodontics
  • Kate
    • Mini-Martha and rising super star
    • 3 years at OoLi Orthodontics

Patient’s very best smile

  • Look at teeth
  • More importantly look at the face
    • Front view
    • Profile view
Why Refer Your Patients to OoLi Orthodontics?


  • Email with PDF attachment to patients and their family dentist
  • When
    • At consult
    • At start of orthodontic treatment
    • Every 6 month to provide progress of treatment
    • Spot check oral hygiene report as needed
    • Referral for 6 month checkup & cleaning, caries control and other dental needs
    • At completion of treatment

Your Questions

  • Do you accept insurance?
    • Yes
    • Almost all including Cigna
  • Do you offer in-house financing?
    • Yes
    • 0% financing
  • Do you treat adults?
    • Yes
  • Do you do Invisalign?
    • Yes
  • When do you start seeing patients?
    • At age 7
  • What are your hours
    • Monday thru Thursday
    • 7AM – 5PM
  • Emergencies?
    • Covered by phone call, text, email or messaging

Types of Braces

  • Braces
    • Damon System – Self ligating brackets
      • Reduced friction system
      • Natural arch development
      • Comes in metal & ceramic
  • Clear aligners

Types of Treatment

  • Non-extrtactiom
  • Early treatment
    • Anterior & Posterior cross-bite
  • Extraction
    • Severe crowding
    • Bimaxillary protrusion
  • Jaw surgery


  • Combination of removable clear retainers & fixed retainers
  • Clear retainer – “Invisalign” like upper and lower retainer
  • Fixed retainer – Upper & lower anterior dnetition
    • Because life happens
    • Designed to allow for easy flossing

Refer Your Patients to OoLi Orthodontics!

Use online portal to refer your patients


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