Why Go To a Local Orthodontist for Invisalign

We know the ease of choosing an online-only service to improve your smile is tempting. The simplicity, quickness, and price of those services are hard to beat at face value, but there are some very important reasons why you should be weary of choosing that treatment route. We have a whole article dedicated to the pitfalls of DIY aligners to help educate customers, while this one is all about the benefits of choosing a local orthodontist. 

There are a number of important and irreplaceable advantages to using a local and board-certified orthodontist like Dr. Park to improve your smile. From treatment accuracy and higher-quality aligners, to bite considerations and in-person support, there are some things a flashy online service just can’t beat.

More Treatment Accuracy and Higher Quality Aligners

By meeting in person for your consultation and treatment plan, there is more accuracy in what your final Invisalign program looks like. Instead of shipping it off for someone else to analyze, you can have a conversation with your orthodontist about any issues or goals you want him to take into consideration that just looking at your teeth would not reveal. This results in a more accurate consultation and therefore an overall higher-quality Invisalign treatment. Not to mention you’ll ensure you’re getting the highly-durable FDA-approved dental-grade Invisalign aligners by going through an orthodontist instead of a cheap knockoff.


Bite and Health Considerations

After your initial consultation, the impressions of your teeth are taken by professional staff, and sometimes even by the orthodontist. Having this expertise from the beginning allows your orthodontist to analyze and consider multiple factors that can affect your overall treatment plan.

The process of taking impressions is very sensitive to human error. Even as professionals, orthodontists and technicians may take several impressions and ask you to hold your mouth or tongue in a certain way to ensure they’re accurate. The impression material also has to be mixed just right and is very sensitive to timing. If any of this is not done exactly right, your impressions can be inaccurate, and the entire process is compromised. We do NOT recommend taking impressions on your own for this reason.

If you have an irregular bite or other important health considerations, those are more easily included in your treatment plan than if you took your teeth impressions to send off to a different company for analysis. They are unable to account for many of these factors, which can lead to all sorts of post-treatment issues if not addressed at the beginning or during the process.

Using a Board Certified Orthodontist

Choosing a board certified orthodontist ensures you’re getting the absolute best care for your teeth. To become a board certified orthodontist, they must demonstrate their judgement, skills, and knowledge to their peers to provide the highest level of patient care. These certified orthodontists must also renew their license every ten years to show their commitment to excellence in their practice.

Becoming an orthodontist requires a more rigorous and longer program than “just” becoming a dentist, an already-arduous process. Along with attending dentistry school for 4 years, an orthodontist must go through an additional 2-3 years of training and education on orthodontics. By choosing a board certified orthodontist, you’re ensuring you’re choosing someone who has been specifically trained in this field and has a commitment to providing excellent care to you. Dr. Park of OoLi Orthodontics is an award-winning, board certified orthodontist.


In-Person Support

When you choose a local board-certified orthodontist for your Invisalign treatment, you can have peace of mind knowing you can schedule an appointment to check on your teeth and address any concerns with your aligners. You’re not working with a computer or someone through a digital interface. You’re working with a board certified orthodontist who can see you in-person and advise you whenever you need it.

Voted the top orthodontist in Phoenix by PHOENIX Magazine, our talented orthodontist Dr. Park will ensure you get the best Invisalign treatment, so you too can smile with confidence! OoLi Orthodontics is one of the leading providers of Invisalign in Arizona, with convenient locations in both Central Phoenix and Tempe.


Your dental health and smile are investment you should not compromise on. If you’re considering orthodontics, we strongly urge you to take into consideration the above points, and ensure you get a consultation with a board-certified orthodontist like Dr. Park.

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