How Long Do Braces Take: What to Expect When Getting Them

You’ve been told you need braces or maybe you are considering seeking treatment to improve your smile. The idea may  be a thrilling or terrible thought depending on how much you know about modern orthodontics. The big question that most patients ask is: how long will you have to wear braces?

What is the Average Time for Braces?

average time 3 The average time to wear braces is 18 months, but there are many factors that influence this time including age, the type of braces, how well you take care of them, and what the treatment is.

The latter is the most crucial factor to decide how long you wear braces. Some people may only need a slight correction to their mouths, while others may need more work.

The second most important factor, aside from age and type of braces, is how well you look after your braces and oral hygiene. It is important to listen to your orthodontist’s instructions on how to properly care for them. Wearing your elastics and attending your scheduled orthodontic appointments will keep you on schedule and not draw out the process.

Your orthodontist will be able to give a better estimate based on the  type of treatment. CBCT scan or x-rays, facial and intraoral photographs, models of teeth and comprehensive clinical examination will be used to diagnose what treatments are needed. Using the information from them and experience of your orthodontist will determine the estimation of treatment time.

While your teeth may not seem too bad, your orthodontist may find underlying issues that need to be fixed. The two main objectives to orthodontic care is aligning the teeth and occlusion. Alignment is a problem that is easier to see and to fix, but occlusion is not readily visible and more difficult to treat. If you have minor problems, it may only take a short amount of time for your braces to correct them.

Why Do Braces Take So Long?

why do braces take long Braces are used to correct different problems including: crowding, crooked teeth, and unaligned teeth. To fix these, braces are used to slowly and carefully move your teeth into new positions.

Metal, or fixed braces, are cemented to the teeth using a special bonding agent. They use gentle pressure to move the teeth; something you can’t and shouldn’t rush. Trying to hurry this process could cause damage to the bone, gum, or teeth, and improper treatment can result in a rapid relapse.

Other Factors that Impact Treatment Time

Age – Younger patients might have a shorter treatment time when it comes to braces because their mouths are still growing, allowing their new adult teeth to shift easier than established adult teeth. Of course, the time in braces is still dependent on each person and what needs to be adjusted.

How Much Needs to be Corrected – The more your teeth need to be shifted, the longer the braces will be on. Along this line, how well your mouth responds to the treatment will impact how long you will wear braces.

The Type of Braces – Your orthodontist will determine the right type of braces for your course of treatment. Depending on the treatment, certain types of braces will work best. Invisalign, for example, is often used for patients who need less complicated treatments, thus their braces are on for less time. The types of braces offered at OoLi Orthodontics are:

  • Invisalign
  • Damon Clear Braces
  • Damon Metal Braces
  • Traditional Metal Braces

Can You Get Your Braces off Faster?

how to get braces off faster 1 To ensure you get your braces of in time or even a little faster, follow your orthodontist’s guidelines

Follow food restrictions – it’s hard to do, but that hard candy might add more time to your overall treatment. Make sure to cut food into smaller bites to avoid damage to your braces and teeth.

Wear the elastics! – No one likes to wear the rubber bands, but if they are prescribed by your orthodontist, wear them and wear them properly. They help to speed up the treatment.

Good oral hygiene – Make sure you don’t miss any appointments to check on your braces. Always be gentle when flossing and brushing, but make sure you don’t miss anything. It can be tricky with braces, but taking the time to learn how to take care of your new mouth will ensure you get your braces off faster.

Get Started Today on the Smile You Deserve

Everyone wants straighter teeth faster, and braces aren’t known to be the most comfortable things to wear, but the bottom line is that it will take time for successful treatment. Good oral hygiene and cooperation between you and your orthodontist will help ensure that your braces come off in time, if not a little bit sooner.

Contact us to start your braces journey today.

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