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After active orthodontic treatment is completed, the use of a retainer is a very important part of post-braces care. The reason why a retainer is needed is that even though braces have successfully straightened your teeth, they are not completely settled in their new position until the bones, gums, and muscles adapt to the change. Teeth are living tissue and unfortunately, like the rest of our bodies, nothing ever stays the same. Over the years, the alignment of the teeth will change. This happens whether or not orthodontic treatment was done.

Retainers need to be worn all the time for the first 9-12 months or as directed by Dr. W.W. Jonathan Park. After the first 9-12 months, retainers can be worn during sleep. The time frame for wearing a retainer will vary from patient to patient. In order to minimize any changes, it is be best to wear retainers indefinitely.

The proper cares for retainers are as follows:

  • A removable retainer should be brushed thoroughly with cold water and toothpaste after each period of wear.
  • Store the retainer in its case when you are not wearing it so it doesn't break.
  • Removable retainers have been known to become expensive chew toys for the family dog, so keep them in a safe place!
  • If you have a fixed retainer, make sure that you clean it at every brushing and flosses around it at least once a day.

If your retainer ever is damaged or lost, contact OoLi Orthodontics as soon as possible. The fee for a new removable retainer is $200.00; so, if you misplaced both upper and lower removable retainers, total fee is $400.00. The fee for replacement of broken permanent retainer is $250.00

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